Eco-Logika is a smart space-saving
Cleaning Station with an attractive design,
delivering a range of on-demand cleaning

Eco-Logika è la Cleaning Station intelligente che con
un ingombro minimo e un design accattivante, è in
grado di erogare all’occorrenza diversi prodotti di

Why should we say no to plastic in the sea?

Watch the video. Find out why this crisis closely affects all of us.

The whole ecosystem, our planet, our health and the economy of entire sectors are threatened by the issue of plastic in the sea. What can we do in practical terms?

When cleaning becomes smart

The time has come to design a better future together, it is time for

Eco-Logika is the name of a project, a Smart machine that makes professional cleaning sustainable, safe and more cost-effective.

Eco-Logika is a supply station with a highly intuitive graphic interface that enables each employee to collect on-demand the entire range of Biodose 100% eco-friendly cleaning products which, thanks to a combination of ENZYMES and PROBIOTICS, ensure a more efficient and safer cleaning process.

By using Eco-Logika and Biodose products, we make the entire cleaning process within a Company “sustainable” and safer.

Additionally, an integrated software makes it possible to manage and constantly monitor several processes. Thanks to the connection to a control centre, you can monitor its operations, while the company managers can check the consumption of each product and quantities collected by each employee at any time they wish

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An all-in-one solution with many benefits

Integrating Eco-Logika within production processes enables the Company to reap some significant benefits in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, safety and sustainability.

Guaranteed saving

  • Warehouse costs
  • Waste and theft
  • Carelessness in handling products

An accurate management control

Simple and immediate management of orders. Up-to-date data for an accurate control

100% sustainable BIODOSE with the highest efficiency standard

With the Biodose product range, you fully integrate sustainability in cleaning processes.

Unparalleled efficiency

It improves efficiency against all types of dirt, any surface and treatment due to its sanitising and antibacterial properties.

Safety and sustainability

Zero toxic substances for increased safety of clients and employees, better deodorisation and protection of surfaces.

Financing opportunities and financial benefits

Thanks to Eco-Logika you can develop projects in “innovation, digitalisation and sustainability” within your company

Improve your ESG rating

Improve your performance and make your company competitive in line with the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria for a better rating and several financial benefits.

One Cleaning Station,
several opportunities

Do you represent a cleaning services and/or product distribution company?

Are you the owner or person responsible for cleaning processes in your company?

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We can help you manage cleaning and sanitising processes with an innovative and sustainable system with a 360 degree view.
An Eco-Logika consultant will help you analyse your needs and define a more cost-effective, high performing and environmentally friendly management process.
Discover the Eco-Logika difference and contact us to find out:

  • The advantages of Eco-Logika
  • Tax benefits and relief
  • Sustainability and ESG criteria

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